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Baseboard Heating Draining The System-Purging And Refilling

The Home Wizard app calculates your ideal home care program to avoid problems with your Baseboard Heating, but sometimes trouble can still occur. Here are answers to questions about baseboard heating draining the system-purging and refilling.


I am building new walls in my basement and the pipes from my hot water baseboard pipes are coming straight down and i need to put an elbow on the pipe how do i drain and refill and purge the hotwater system thank you


Dear Bill:

Regarding your question of how to drain and refill and purge the hotwater system for your baseboard heating system, first, to drain your system, shut off your boiler and make a note of the water pressure. Next locate the self-feeding (auto-makeup) water valve and ensure that your make-up water supply is shutoff. Next, attach a garden hose to one of the spigots coming off of the return line that goes back to your boiler, and run the other end of the hose to either a drain or to outside. Then open up all of you valves that go to your various heating zones. Then open up the spigot and let the water drain out through the garden hose. If your boiler has been running, then BE CAREFUL that the water can be scalding hot.

To refill and purge the air from your system, ensure that the make-up water supply is connected and water supply valve is open. Close them all, and then one at a time, open the valve to each heating zone of your house. Then while manually opening the auto-makeup valve, keep the spigot open and let the water run out the garden hose to your drain our outside. Let it run until you no longer see any air bubbles. While you are doing this, keep an eye on the water pressure and don't let it get above 25 PSI. If needed to control the pressure, release the auto-makeup valve momentarily. After you have stopped seeing air bubbles, release the auto makeup valve and close spigot. Allow the water pressure to return to normal. You then repeat these steps until all of your zones have been bled. When done, put your zone valve to their operating positions. Then check the water pressure, which should be the same as what you noted at the beginning. And then finally, turn your boiler back on.

Hope this is helpful.

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